Dataflow Kit Web Scraper


Render Javascript driven pages, while we internally manage Headless Chrome and proxies for you.

  • Build a custom web scraper with our Visual point-and-click toolkit.
  • Scrape the most popular Search engines result pages (SERP).
  • Convert web pages to PDF and capture screenshots.


Dataflow Kit API require you to sign up for an API key in order to use the API.

The API key can be found in the DFK Dashboard after free registration.

Pass a secret API Key to all API requests to the server as the api_key query parameter.

Use this page to mock Dataflow Kit Web Scraper in your testing and development.

Run our mock API sample using the open source WireMock library, or in the free edition of WireMock Cloud. You'll have a working API server simulating the behavior of Dataflow Kit Web Scraper, which will allow you to keep building and testing even if the actual API you isn't currently available.

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