The Socrata OpenDataNetwork (ODN) REST API exposes public data, often continuosly updated and enhanced, from many thousands of public government and non profit agencies.

Much of this data originating from independent sources is fused together to create new, and often powerful, entity level data. The API, in addition to search and autosuggest capabilities for finding datasets, enables data based comparisons across geographical regions such as states, counties, metropolitan areas, cities and zip codes using highly vetted data providers such as US Census, BEA, HUD and others. Comparison data is preformatted for easy and efficient display on a chart, graph or interactive map.

The API also exposes data organized by narrative style questions a human might ask. The questions can be rapidly found using an autosuggest style index, and then used to directly access all data needed to thoroughly and authoritatively answer the question. Retrieved data includes time series (temporally aligned), tabular, map heavy (includes spatial boundaries), and auto generated unstructured descriptive text.

The ODN API does not duplicate API endpoints or services provided by public sector agencies, but rather, returns context relevant pre-populated REST URLs, when appropriate, so the caller can access data directly from the source.

The open source API powers OpenDataNetwork.com, an open source site; the site highlights myriad uses and provides API badges with contextually relevant API example REST endpoints and documentation pointers.

Finally, we continuously add new dat sources which appear automatically in the API, so if your favorite data source is not available, check back soon. You can also join us HERE and receive updates or let us know which data sources you are most interested in.

App Tokens

Registering for and including a Socrata application token is required for the ODN API. They can be passed either using the app_token parameter or the X-App-Token HTTP header.

Use this page to mock ODN API in your testing and development.

Run our mock API sample using the open source WireMock library, or in the free edition of WireMock Cloud. You'll have a working API server simulating the behavior of ODN API, which will allow you to keep building and testing even if the actual API you isn't currently available.

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