IdealSpot GeoData


Hyperlocal Demographics, Vehicle Traffic, Economic, Market Signals, and More. Use this API to request IdealSpot hyperlocal geospatial market insight and geometry data.

Detailed Description

Use this API as your local economy microscope by querying IdealSpot hyperlocal market insight and geometry data. We offer the most precise, extensive, and frequently-updated local market data in the US. Our data is available across the entire US and can be queried at geographic scales ranging from the micro (Census block) through the macro (nation).

Better data and analysis leads to a better understanding of local market opportunities and risks. Integrate with your commercial real estate and marketing applications, machine learning workflows, and other investment analytics.

Our goal is to offer the most complete snapshot of the geographically distributed consumer and retail economy. We start with the fundamentals of consumers and business establishments. To connect retailers with consumers, we provide mobility data like vehicle traffic and mobile device data. To describe consumer intent, we provide geolocated digital marketing data.

We believe that accurate capital allocation through reliable local market data is foundational to creating robust, healthy, and livable communities for all. We hope you and your clients find tremendous value in this service.


Query data and GeoJSON geometries at these scales for any US latitude and longitude:

  • Rings (0.5 km+)
  • Drive time (1-60 minutes)
  • Bike time (3-60 minutes)
  • Walk time (5-60 minutes)
  • Public transit time (5-60 minutes)
  • Administrative region (US, states, core-based statistical areas, counties, Census-designated places, Census tracts, zipcodes, Census block groups, opportunity zones)
Data FeatureDescription
Demographics, Housing, SpendingUpdated Quarterly. Current and historical market data including population, spending, and housing. Vendor (PopStats) is relied upon by Walgreens, Ulta Beauty, Blackstone, etc
Labor, Business Establishments, Economic ConditionsUpdated Quarterly. Traditional market data including workforce, business establishment counts, and economic conditions like local GDP, unemployment rates. Vendor (PopStats) is relied upon by Walgreens, Ulta Beauty, Blackstone, etc
Consumer segmentationUpdated Annually. Demographics grouped into narrative-oriented segments.
Vehicle TrafficUpdated semi-annually. Gold standard in vehicle traffic data from INRIX. Counts by day of week, time of day and side of street.
Rings and Travel time polygonsEstimate in Real-time. Rings alongside drive time, walk time, bike time, and public transit time polygons. Request as GeoJSON geometries for mapping or use with data queries
Administrative region polygonsUpdated Annually. GeoJSON administrative regions from US Census Bureau: block groups, tracts, counties, CBSAs, states, opportunity zones, USPS zipcodes
Internet Search Volumes30 day rolling averages for geolocated advertising potential across 450 business categories from major search engines
Social Media Interest30 day rolling average for geolocated advertising potential across 450 business categories from major social networks

Coming Soon!

This API powers our local market research platform at The functionality exposed so far is only a portion of our current capabilities. We will be exposing additional API features in time so watch this space!

Data FeatureDescription
Mobile device visit counts, points of interest, brandsFresh point of interest data across 3000+ brands, millions of POI, and historical foot traffic counts using mobile data for those points of interest
Origin/destination trips from mobile devicesMap origins and destinations of devices visiting an arbitrary catchment area
Competition searchSearch all major point-of-interest aggregators in one query
Environment/climateExpected weather patterns like temperature and precipitation
Filter search APIQuery data for all counties in state, all tracts in MSA, etc
Road segment tilesPlot road segments on maps in interactive applications

Developer Website

For more detail see

Use this page to mock IdealSpot GeoData in your testing and development.

Run our mock API sample using the open source WireMock library, or in the free edition of WireMock Cloud. You'll have a working API server simulating the behavior of IdealSpot GeoData, which will allow you to keep building and testing even if the actual API you isn't currently available.

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