Quick start - Telematics SDK



We have prepared a set of APIs for quick start to integrate telematics SDK that powers mobile telematics inside 3rd party mobile applications.


Datamotion provides telematics infrastructure for mobile applications.

Telematics SDK turns any smartphone into telematics data gathering device to collect Location, driving and behavior data. API services unlocks power of your mobile application

There are 3 groups of methods:

  • 1 - user management
  • 2 - statistics for mobile app
  • 3 - statistics for back-end(s)

in certain cases you will need SNS or any other notification services. read more here

Possible architecture

There are three common schemes that are used by our clients. These schemes can be combined

  • Collect, Process, Store (required: 1&2)
  • Collect, Process (required: 1& sns)
  • Collect (required 1&sns)

Collect, Process, Store

Collect, Process, Store

Collect, Process

Collect, Process



Telematic sdk

Common use-cases:

  • Safe and efficient driving
  • Usage-based insurance
  • Safe driving assessment
  • Driver assessment
  • Trip log
  • Geo-analysis
  • Accident monitoring
  • Driving engagements
  • Location based services
  • Realtime Tracking and beyond

How to start


To create a user on datamotion platform, you require to use InstanceID and InstanceKEY. You can get it in Datahub -> management -> user-service credentials

Once you create a user, you will get Device token, JWT token and refresh token. then, you will use it for APIs

Use this page to mock Quick start - Telematics SDK in your testing and development.

Run our mock API sample using the open source WireMock library, or in the free edition of WireMock Cloud. You'll have a working API server simulating the behavior of Quick start - Telematics SDK, which will allow you to keep building and testing even if the actual API you isn't currently available.

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