This API provides cacheable and straightforward access to Wikimedia content and data, in machine-readable formats.

Global Rules

  • Limit your clients to no more than 200 requests/s to this API. Each API endpoint’s documentation may detail more specific usage limits.
  • Set a unique User-Agent or Api-User-Agent header that allows us to contact you quickly. Email addresses or URLs of contact pages work well.

By using this API, you agree to Wikimedia’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Unless otherwise specified in the endpoint documentation below, content accessed via this API is licensed under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 and GFDL licenses, and you irrevocably agree to release modifications or additions made through this API under these licenses. See for background and details.

Endpoint documentation

Please consult each endpoint’s documentation for details on:

  • Licensing information for the specific type of content and data served via the endpoint.
  • Stability markers to inform you about development status and change policy, according to our API version policy.
  • Endpoint specific usage limits.

Use this page to mock Wikimedia in your testing and development.

Run our mock API sample using the open source WireMock library, or in the free edition of WireMock Cloud. You'll have a working API server simulating the behavior of Wikimedia, which will allow you to keep building and testing even if the actual API you isn't currently available.

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