Geographic API

The Geographic API extends the Semantic

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Giphy API

Giphy API


Gmail API

The Gmail API lets you view and manage

Gmail Postmaster Tools API

The Postmaster Tools API is a RESTful

Google Analytics Admin API

Google Analytics API

Views and manages your Google Analytics

Google Analytics Data API

Accesses report data in Google

Google Chat API

Enables apps to fetch information and

Google Civic Information API

Provides polling places, early vote

Google Classroom API

Manages classes, rosters, and

Google Cloud Data Catalog API

A fully managed and highly scalable data

Google Cloud Deploy API

Google Cloud Memorystore for Redis API

Creates and manages Redis instances on

Google Cloud Support API

Manages Google Cloud technical support

Google Docs API

Reads and writes Google Docs documents.

Google Forms API

Reads and writes Google Forms and

Google Keep API

The Google Keep API is used in an

Google My Business API

The Google My Business API provides an

Google OAuth2 API

Obtains end-user authorization grants

Google Play Android Developer API

Lets Android application developers

Google Play Custom App Publishing API

API to create and publish custom Android

Google Play Developer Reporting API

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