Open data

City of Surrey Open511 API

This API provides real time traffic

City of Surrey Traffic Loop Count API.

This API provides locations of City of

Civil Supplies Department, Kerala

Ration Cards issued by The Department of

Climate FieldView Platform APIs

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Co-WIN Certificate API

API to get Co-WIN vaccination

College Football Data API

This is an API for accessing all sorts

Common Service Centre (CSC)

Certificates issued under Pradhan Mantri

Commons Votes API

An API that allows querying of Commons

Community API

Get access to comments from registered


You can use the CORE API to access the

Coronavirus API

Coronavirus API with free COVID-19 live

Corrently - from italian corrente, which

COVID-19 data API

CPCT-MAPIT, Madhya Pradesh

Computer Proficiency Certification Exam

Crediwatch's Covid APIs

An API collection for Covid 19 by


About CROssBAR & data CROssBAR:

D&D 5e API

Introduction Welcome to the dnd5eapi,

Deed API

Land Registry Deed API

Department of Agricultural Marketing, Karnataka

APIs provided by Department of

Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities

Department of Empowerment of Persons

Department of Food and Civil Supplies Himachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh

Ration Cards Issued by Department of

Department of Food, Public Distribution & Consumer Affairs (PDS), Jharkhand

Public distribution system (PDS) is an

Department of IT and BT, Karnataka

eSigned certificates issued by

Department of IT and Communication, Arunachal Pradesh

Inner Line Permit (eILP) of Government

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