API v1

DocSpring is a service that helps you


Datumbox offers a Machine Learning

Asynchronous Speech-To-Text API Documentation

Rev.ai provides quality speech-text

Barcode API

Generate Barcode images for a given


Natural language nutrition API to

Contract.fit API

This OpenAPI describes the API exposed


The Digital Linguistics (DLx) REST API


ADVICEment’s DynamicDocs API


API for converting HTML to PDF.

Einstein Vision and Einstein Language

Provided by Salesforce � Copyright

Ex Libris APIs

For more information on how to use these

Exude API Service

Exude API is an Open Source project, It

Facts API

A full featured Facts API. REST access

Fake identity generation API

Generate random fake identities (name,

Football Prediction API

The Football Prediction API allows

Fun Generators API

Fungenerators API gives access to the

Fun Generators API

Below is the documentation for the API

Fun Generators API

Below is the documentation for the API

FunTranslations API

Funtranslations API gives access to the

FunTranslations Braille API

Braille conversion API on the cloud.

Geneea Natural Language Processing

Authentication For all calls, supply

Handwrytten API

This is the Handwrytten API for sending

Historische Daten

Abfrage von Wetterdaten aus der

IdealSpot GeoData

Hyperlocal Demographics, Vehicle

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