Language Identification (Prediction)

Automatic language detection for any

LanguageTool API

Check texts for style and grammar issues


MotaWord API

Use MotaWord API to post and track your

Name Generation API

Fungenerators name generation API

NamSor API v2

NamSor API v2 : enpoints to process

Neutrino API

The general-purpose API



The powerful Optical Character

Oxford Dictionaries

PDF Blocks API

PDF Blocks is a secure, reliable, and

PDF Generator API

Introduction PDF Generator API allows

PdfBroker.io API

PdfBroker.io is an api for creating pdf

Pirates API

Ahoy matey! We help the landlubbers to

Poemist API

Psycholinguistic Text Analytics

We aim to provide the deepest

Random Lottery Number generator API

Below is the documentation for the API

Random Lovecraft

Random sentences from the complete works

Shakespeare API

Shakespeare API. Generate random


Starwars Translations API

Funtranslations Starwars API gives


Convert numbers to their Arabic text

Taunt as a service

Fungenerators taunt generation API

Text Analytics & Sentiment Analysis API | api.text2data.com

The current api version is v3.4 The api

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